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Let’s Start a Revolution with Mapleglen Care Center

For the recreational connoisseur and medicinal patient, the Revolution brand offers some especially delightful edibles, vapes, and edibles. A popular favorite and creation of in-house breeding is the Purple Monarch. Leaning toward the indica side of genetics, it’s ideal for relaxation and relief, and delivers a floral, candy-like, earthy flavor. Don’t miss out on Creamy Caramels, Cheery Cherry Fruit Chews, Kiwi Melon Nano-Live Resin gummies, and so many delectable treats.

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Revolution vapes, such as Crockett’s Dawg, Mac & Cheese, and The Glove, are designed for the modern lifestyle without sacrificing proprietary genetics, flavor, or potency. Mapleglen Care Center is synonymous with quality. We encourage stopping by for a leisurely browse, welcome walk-ins and offer a quick turnaround of online ordering and in-store pickup. You’ll discover us right off the beaten path and the perfect exploration of cannabis culture, potential, and innovation.

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