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When you think of cannabis, flower is most likely what comes to mind.  It’s the most common form of cannabis and the dried flower or bud from the mature female plant is rich in natural nutrients. Flower also provides a nice aromatherapy component, in fact, just smelling cannabis can help alleviate stress and improve moods.

The most popular form of cannabis in the U.S, Flower is grown in three different varieties – Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. The medicinal effects can vary dramatically from one variety to the next as well as from one user to the next. It is important to note, there are no product or strain specifications in the United States. What does this mean for the patient? It means that a strain, Blue Dream for example, grown and cultivated in Colorado may be completely different from the identically named strain grown and cultivated in Massachusetts. The expert staff at Mapleglen Care Center guides patients through the menu making sure every patient understands what strains, THC level and terpene profile may provide them the best symptom relief.  However, while strain names are unimportant and every cannabis strain can affect patients differently, there are some accepted stereotypes for each variety.

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Sativas’ therapeutic effects can be stimulating and accomplishment oriented, helping you feel energized and focused. Sativa strains are a popular choice for use during the day because of the pick-me-up feeling you may experience.

The Indica strains can be perfect when you need to relax or help falling asleep. These strains are generally best when taken in the evening or bedtime as the therapeutic effects you may experience are heaviness and a feeling of comfort.

While Sativas are good for the mind and Indicas are good for the body, Hybrids fall somewhere in between, giving you the best of both worlds. Whatever your goals, you can choose a strain that provides the therapeutic benefits you desire. For example, a Sativa-dominant strain may help you focus and still give you body-calming effects, while an Indica-dominant strain may give you relief throughout your body with a bit of a mental high.


Concentrates are extremely potent extractions made from cannabis and can be inhaled, ingested, and vaped.
You will experience the effects of Concentrates much faster as the potency can be four or five times higher in THC content than high grade marijuana flower. Concentrates come in various consistencies such as budder, wax, sugar or shatter. Deciding which concentrate to use will depend on your preferred method of consumption. Most importantly, all concentrates in Illinois are mandated to have less than 10 parts per million of residual solvent, Currently, this standard is the highest in the United States

Wax, simply put, is called wax because of its waxy consistency. You’ll also hear wax referred to as crumble – again, no mystery here –  because it crumbles between your fingers. It’s easy to use and can be smoked, inhaled and ingested. 

Budder is any concentrate that has a smooth and creamy consistency like caramel or peanut butter. It’s easy to use, making it a popular concentrate choice.


Live Sauce has a honey-like consistency with crystal granules mixed in it. It has great flavor and smells terpy – probably because it has high levels of terpenes. It’s called Live Sauce because it’s extracted from fresh flash frozen flower, not dried.

A harder consistency than Live Sauce, Live Sugar can be manipulated by hand and has a stronger terpy taste and smell profile to that of wax.  Live Sugar is made from fresh flash frozen flower.

Shatter looks like translucent glass and is amber in color. It is very brittle and will “shatter” if tapped on a hard surface.

It’s translucent, sappy and sometimes looks like Shatter. Rosin is a solventless concentrate made by using heat and pressure to to extract the oily residue from within the flower. The extraction process leaves a clean product, making it an extremely popular concentrate.

Hash is the most recognized type of concentrate. Another form of solventless extraction. Hash is best used to increase the potency of a bowl or a joint, and can be eaten, It is not recommended to use if you want to dab or use a wax pen.

Cartridges are preloaded tanks filled with cannabis concentrations extracted using BHO and CO2 solvents, liquid live resins and E-liquids. Once the cartridge is attached to a battery, vaping can be a very easy and convenient method of consumption.  There are also disposable vape pens ready to go at the push of a button. They are portable and small so you can be discreet. Dosing is not an issue with the preloaded disposable pen as it is controlled with each inhalation, so you won’t get too much or too little.


If smoking is not your thing, edibles may be the answer. As medical cannabis becomes more mainstream, the demand for products that are easy to use continues to grow. With a wide range of food products infused with cannabis or cannabis extractions, a variety of options are available that can be used discreetly and conveniently.
Generally, any food product infused with cannabis or cannabis extractions (concentrates) are referred to as an edible. Cannabis- infused products taken orally can also be referred to as an edible. Unlike smoking cannabis flower, it can take longer to experience the desired effects so we always recommend to start low and go slow.  

A much more concentrated versions of an infusion, tinctures are generally taken in drop form under the tongue. Depending on the dose, you may experience relief from your symptoms in as little as 10 minutes. And it can last up to five hours.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is an incredibly concentrated form of cannabis. It’s stronger than most cannabis extracts, and dosing should be taken seriously. RSO can be used under the tongue, but it’s better when ingested. RSO may take at least 30 minutes to take effect. A little can go a very long way so be mindful and don’t hesitate to ask questions before ingesting.

Unlike food products, taking a capsule can provide relief in as little as 30 minutes or as soon as the outer coating of the capsule dissolves and the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream.

Hard Candies, Gummies, Chocolate Bars, Chips and Infused Beverages are infused snacks that need to be ingested to take effect. The mantra “Start Low and Go Slow” is so important with food products because it can take up to 90 minutes for the effects to kick in. Once they do, relief can last anywhere from three to six hours.


If you don’t want to smoke, vape or ingest cannabis, topicals are a popular and ideal option.

Topicals are cannabis infused lotions, balms or oils that are absorbed through the skin for localized relief. Topicals can be used to treat pain, soreness or inflammation and are a great way to experience relief without having to ingest a product.. Plus, with topicals you get the benefits of medical cannabis without the “high.”

Transdermal Patches are placed over an area with visible veins, like the wrist or ankle. It will take at least 20 minutes for the onset of relief and the effects can last eight to 12 hours.

Similar to the patch, gel pens provide relief by applying the gel to the wrist. The medication is absorbed slowly into the body through the skin.


Much like non-cannabis infused bath products, the bath bomb is placed in bathtub and you  simply soak in the tub for a relaxing journey to relief

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