Medical cannabis costs are significant. Mapleglen Cares can help.

Chronic illness is not only physically and emotionally devastating, it can be financially disastrous as well. Through our financial assistance program Mapleglen Cares, economically qualifying patients may apply to receive cannabis grants–  $200 credits towards their cannabis purchases. We are happy to be able to offer this program in order to offer financial relief.

How Mapleglen Cares Works

Qualified Mapleglen patients who apply are chosen at random to receive the Mapleglen Cares cannabis grant– a $200 per-month credit on the purchases of Mapleglen products. Applications are accepted in April, August and December and cannabis grant recipients can use the $200 credit for four consecutive months.

If you receive a grant, you will be eligible again in 12 months from the last month you received assistance. For example, if you are chosen in August, 2020, you will be eligible to apply again December, 2021 .

How to Apply  for a Cannabis Grant through Mapleglen Cares

In order to apply, you must be a registered patient of Mapleglen Care Center for a full month prior to each award period to be eligible.  If you are a registered patient, follow the steps below to apply for financial assistance.

1. Determine if you qualify for financial assistance

Anyone receiving need-based assistance qualifies, as does anyone who can demonstrate living below the poverty line. Proof of low income includes benefits you receive such as Social Security Disability, SNAP, etc.

2. Complete the cannabis grant application

Applications are only available at Mapleglen Care Center during the months of April, August, and December. Applications must be submitted with all supporting documentation by April 30, August 31, and December 31 respectively.

Return your application and all supporting documentation in a sealed envelope to:

Mapleglen Care Center
4777 Stenstrom Road
Rockford, IL 61109

Recipients will be notified May 1, September 1 or January 1.

3. Use the cannabis grant

If you are selected to receive a cannabis grant, you will receive $200 in store credit every month for four consecutive months. Credits do not roll over into the next month. Award periods are January – April, May – August and September – December.

4777 Stenstrom Road
Rockford, IL 61109
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