Converting THCA to THC

Converting THCA to THC

One of the questions we get most often is ‘why does my label have such a small percent of THC?’. In Illinois, the label on all cannabis products contain its cannabinoid content. THCA is usually the highest cannabinoid present, but it is not psychoactive until converted to THC.
A small % of THC occurs naturally in the curing and drying process and the label presents this naturally occurring amount. However, Decarboxylation is the process needed to convert THCA to THC and activate the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Decarboxylation occurs when cannabis is heated via smoking, vaping, dabbing and baking.
So how can you determine what percent of THC you are really experiencing by simply looking at your product label? A little math is needed and the equation is: THCA x .877 + THC = THC

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