Cannabutter & Cannaoil 101

Cannabutter & Cannaoil 101

Now that you have decarbed your cannabis, you are ready to make cannabutter and cannaoil. There are many recipes for cannabis infused butter and oil, but I like simple, easy to follow, low chance of failure recipes. So crock pot cannabutter and oven baked canna-coconut oil are two favorites.
It is always important when cooking that if you want high quality results, you must start with high quality ingredients.  Butter in particular will absorb the smells in your fridge quickly so make sure your butter is fresh and stays well wrapped prior to use. Oil can also go bad or rancid. The best way to tell if your oil has turned is to smell it. If it smells like fermenting fruit or has a sickening sweetness it has gone bad.  So for the best results, use high quality cannabis and fresh butters and oils.
Oils and butters with the highest fat content will absorb the most THC, so coconut, olive and avocado oils are great options. The butters with the highest fat content tend to be the European style butters like Plugra. Lower fat butters contain more water and can be less flavorful so take a minute in the grocery store and read labels.
Crock Pot Cannabutter
1/2 oz. Decarbed Cannabis
1 lb. Butter (4 sticks)
Crock Pot (Slow Cooker)
Large Bowl or Container

  1. Set crock pot on low
  2. Pour 2 inches of water into the crock pot.
  3. Add butter and allow to melt in the water
  4. Add cannabis to the butter mixture
  5. Cover, allow to cook on low 8 hours stirring occasionally
  6. Turn off crock pot and allow mixture to cool for 30 minutes before straining
  7. Carefully, pour butter through cheesecloth into a larger bowl
  8. Allow all of the liquid to freely pass through the strainer then gently squeeze all of the liquid out of the strained pouch
  9. Repeat until all butter has been strained
  10. Discard cheesecloth and cooked plant material
  11. Refrigerate butter overnight or until solid
  12. All of the remaining water should have sunk to the bottom of the bowl

Using a knife or spatula, carefully remove butter from the bowl and discard water.
In order to consistently dose, remelt butter and pour into a butter mold. Place back in fridge overnight or until solid

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